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Perspective is everything

As has become my habit recently, I'm approaching the end of the month with a sensation of holding my breath, and incidentally checking my online banking page to see how I'm doing in terms of getting to the end of the month before I get to the end of the money. (I'm paid once a month, so it's a very real question.) It's been a while since I've found myself in that situation.

It's completely artificial, of course, and I do remind myself of that when I start to worry. The reason I have relatively little to come and go on right now is, I made a decision after losing Mitzi that I was going to put the money I spent on her into the house fund, as well as the amount I was already socking away every month. It actually works out to about a quarter of my pay. And still wouldn't be all that bad if I hadn't maxed out my physiotherapy coverage and ended up paying for physio and massages (same clinic, and man that stuff works!) out of pocket for the last few weeks (and incidentally bought all those books!)

At the same time I also find that, when I imagine my budget around having a house, I have to remind myself that the amount I currently pay on rent will be available for the mortgage--I keep forgetting that detail!-- and also that I can apparently live fairly cheaply without feeling too uncomfortable. Good to know.

I do have to put this in motion, though. I'm nearly at my imaginary target and all...


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20th Aug, 2014 15:45 (UTC)
Balancing the budget can be a worry. We're heading rapidly towards retirement and hence a big reduction in the amount coming in.

I know we can manage on considerably less because we've done it before and we'll have fewer outgoings because we'll have paid off the mortgage and will only need to run one car. Still, I've got used to not having to worry about money because we live quite modestly and I am going to have to watch the spending in future.
20th Aug, 2014 15:56 (UTC)
I'm in my late forties and keep thinking, "you idiot, you're going to be retired long before you pay for this house!" But I wasn't in a position to buy a home before this, and hell, I may drop in harness long after regular retirement age. But it's probably a good thing to live well within one's means as much as possible, so retirement comes as less of a shock!
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