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There is not enough *headdesk* in the WORLD for this one

Middle school teacher placed on "administrative leave" for writing a novel about a school shooting. Set nine hundred years in the future. Self-published in 2011-- when he was a university student who apparently mentored at least one teenage writer in self-publishing his own book.

If the cops in Maryland had actual cause for searching this guy's home and workplace-- or the school board had actual cause to behave as if he had showed up at work with an AK-47 and ban him from all county properties-- they should probably produce it, and quick. Because so far all they've given evidence of is another violation of a young black man's civil rights. (Of course he's a young black man!) There are several layers of fishy in this mess, and so far none of it has to do with the supposed culprit. As I say, if there's any reason at all to hold this guy apart from him writing speculative fiction, it would be smart to produce it. Or refer to it, at least.

Also, news agencies are breathlessly reporting that he wrote under "an alias." When you make up a name and use it solely for the purpose of publishing (there's no indication he did anything else with the name he published under) it's called a "pen name," morons. You know, like "Mark Twain."

And it would be nice to actually hear from the guy, just to show the "emergency medical evaluation" hasn't been turned into an end run around probable cause as an excuse to detain him.
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