Shelley McKibbon (coneycat) wrote,
Shelley McKibbon

A bargain, really...

Estate that inspired Jane Austen is on the market. For seven million pounds, and worth every penny.

Which reminds me-- Ray Bradbury's dated, charming home has recently sold, and I hope it went to a huge fan who won't change a thing. Because, for all the questionable wallpaper and awkward kitchen layout, it feels remarkably homey, and it would be a shame to "update" all the character out of it.

In the meantime, my own moving plans progress apace. I close at the end of the month, on Monday an upholsterer is doing a quote on my battered-but-beloved mid-century couch and chairs, and I've booked the mover and the rental of a lot of "frogboxes," which are reusable plastic moving boxes. There's lots more on my list but it's a start.
Tags: house stuff
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