Shelley McKibbon (coneycat) wrote,
Shelley McKibbon

Update on the house situation

I've been neglecting ALL my online spaces in the past few weeks (there's a fanfic chapter that's proved it ain't gonna write itself) but at least I'm moved in to the new house, and have gotten a lot of the basic stuff organized.

Among the basic things that just got sorted out today was stuff to sit upon in the living room. When I moved home from Texas and came to Halifax, my parents gave me their old shabby living room set from when they were first married, in the expectation I would soon turf it and replace it with new stuff.

Hah! Turns out I am (a) cheap, (b) lazy, (c) emotionally attached, (d) all of the above.

Also, when my back went out that first time, I quickly realized that I cannot sit on a soggy sofa. The one I have is solid and unyielding and doesn't do anything awful to my back-- although the cushions hadn't been redone since about 1979, which meant it really was like sitting on a board. (There is plywood under the cushions, put there when the original bands gave way.)

I've been saying for years that I wanted to get the set reupholstered, but didn't make a move until the actual house move beckoned-- at that point it seemed sensible to send it out from one address and get it returned to another.

I just got the pieces back this morning. Behold!

Couch before!


Couch after!

Rocker before!


Rocker after!

No "before" shot of the other armchair, but rest assured it looked equally rough.

Of course, right now they're covered in fleece throws for everyday protection against cat hair, but I'm pretty impressed with the craftsmanship. And I can't wait for my folks to see the results!
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