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The Imitation Game and other movies

This appears to be the winter I see ALL the British Films-- at any rate, there are three (maybe four) on my list that I really want to see. Well, there were, last night I finally got to see The Imitation Game. I may be adding some books about Bletchley Park to my collection, right next to the ones about Bentley Priory. (Conveniently alphabetized and everything!)

As is common in stories of this kind (and as I noted during the Battle Of Britain rampage last fall) the women were at the fringes of this story, but should have starring roles in a story of their own. I found myself really interested in the Keira Knightley character, Joan Clarke, a senior cryptanalyst in her own right. When I look up those books about Bletchley, I'll have to check and make sure the women are included.

Incidentally, although the film begins with a funny little interaction between Benedict Cumberbatch as Turing and the always-terrifying Charles Dance as a senior naval officer-- it's not an uplifting movie in the normal sense, and the relationship between the two characters pretty much goes downhill from the first interaction. It's a story about frustration, secrecy, and loneliness on a number of levels and if you've read anything about Turing's life you'll know not to hope for happy endings. Just saying.

On the other hand it's a very well-made picture with excellent performances and certainly enough to pique anyone's interest in the codebreakers. To say nothing of causing one to cringe at the "morality laws" of not so very long ago. (Turing was gay, which was illegal in Britain at the time of the story, and it turns out being a war hero does you no good at all if your work is top secret.)

In Other British Films news, Paddington (yes, about the bear) is getting better reviews than I ever thought possible, which pleases me since I saw an advance trailer some months ago that made me laugh myself silly. It opens tomorrow and I already have tentative plans with a friend to see it very soon. Ben Whishaw is the voice of Paddington. Richard II is the voice of Paddington!

And then there's Kingsman, a spy spoof starring Colin Firth in glasses and a natty suit, and I don't think I need to know any more than that to want to see it.

Also, Mr. Turner, about the painter, is supposed to show up at some point and I'm interested in that, if only to try and make myself envision Timothy Spall as anything aside from Wormtail!

And in non-British pictures there's Blackhat, which looks dumb but stars Chris Hemsworth, and that might be worth a look.

So, yeah. It's been a while since there were this many movies floating around that I want to see, which is kind of exciting!
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