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Shelley McKibbon

One of those "The cheese stands alone" moments...

I think I'm the only Sleepy Hollow fan I know who is not only not disgusted with the current season, but kind of likes Katrina. I've got problems with the way she's being written, but I don't dislike her or want her written out of the show.I just want her to be given more interesting stuff to do.

Honestly, I think the reason I'm cool with her is, she's an original cast member. Abbie and Ichabod, Jenny and Irving, and Katrina-- that's pretty much the way they've always stacked up in my mind. Right now, given Katrina's attitude toward first Henry and now Headless, she seems to be the character who will give you the benefit of the doubt whether you deserve it or not. Which I find both endearing and frustrating, but when it came to Henry she wasn't completely wrong, or at least it all worked out, so... Yeah, I'll see where it goes.

I do share the frustration of everyone who complained about the treatment of both Jenny and Irving in the fall run of the show. However, I blamed Hawley (who let's face it is Poochie to Ichie and Abbie's Itchy and Scratchy) for coming in and taking lines and stories that Jenny for one could have handled perfectly well. The latest episode using Hawley as an off-camera resource to get Jenny into a position to do something gross and cool was about the best use of him I've seen so far, and partly reduced my annoyance that he hasn't yet died heroically. (Or, you know, just died.)

I'm of two minds about Sheriff Reyes, in that I do like her, I just wish she wasn't instead of Irving. And if the show played its cards a little differently it could have episodes almost entirely composed of female characters taking the lead. (Which was pretty close to what happened this past Monday, what with Katrina heading up one team and the sisters doing their thing in the other plot.)

The show was never the greatest show on TV, although it was at its best enormous goofy fun, and I'm still finding it pretty good fun. Really, as long as the current status, with Hawley as a resource instead of a main cast member and more sisterly interaction and asskicking, continues, I am totally fine with Katrina being Ichabod's beloved who Abbie side-eyes. (I kind of like that, too: Abbie's not jealous, or suspicious of Katrina for no good reason-- she's got plenty of reason to question K's judgment-- but she tries to be fair and decent to her. Which adds a nice little down to earth element.)

I've learned it's best not to click on the discussion threads for the show in any of my usual online hangouts. Not because I think I'll be attacked, but because I have absolutely nothing relevant to contribute to the type of conversation that's usually going on.

Although apocalyptic warnings about a show about the Apocalypse are kind of amusing too...
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