Shelley McKibbon (coneycat) wrote,
Shelley McKibbon

First storm in the new digs

Atlantic Canada wasn't forecast to get the snowpocalypse that was supposed to hit the eastern US (I have the impression it wasn't as bad down there as expected either, at least not universally) but we were still supposed to get blizzard conditions that would make driving dangerous, so there were mass closures. My university sent out a text announcing we were closed at about 5:45 am, which I found when the alarm went off at six. I sang the Snow Day Song (a little ditty my dad composed many years ago) and went back to bed.

As a snow event I've certainly seen a lot worse, but the winds were high in less sheltered parts of the city. And after I shoveled the driveway, of course the freezing rain started and I spent the afternoon listening to it tap-tapping on the windows at the back of the house. Power stayed on, though, so I made this pasta sauce. I had frozen prepped vegetables, used Italian sausage instead of hamburger--which worked well, next time I'll try hotter sausage--and used a little cayenne because I forgot to get hot pepper flakes. It worked out pretty well, although the first taste was a little acidic, possibly as a result of all the tomato paste. Anyway, I've been meaning to make pasta sauce from scratch instead of always starting with a container of prepared sauce, so this was a good exercise.

As was shoveling the driveway. As noted, though, the freezing rain started after I'd shoveled, with the result things were pretty icy when I left the house this morning to walk to the bus stop. (I live in a neighbourhood with excellent bus coverage for my needs. Which is of course one of the reasons I live there. In fact, I moved out of one neighbourhood with good bus routes and everything conveniently within walking distance and moved to another with similar characteristics. Huzzah!)

Finished the night with the latest episode of Agent Carter, which was fun. Really, the only thing the storm spoiled for me was a plan for my brother and his cabinet-making friend to come out and look at the living room of my place (where I want bookshelves installed for oh-god-all-these-books) and the stairwell (which is open on one side and I want a banister both for looks and peace of mind.) They're intrepid and might have come anyway, but when the freezing rain started I texted them both to cancel. I have no idea whether they had to work despite the storm, but there was no need to make them come back out on a non-essential trip. We'll arrange something else one day soon.

And that was that.
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