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The Great Dark Wonder

...the same snow is falling

Shelley McKibbon
...out in the middle of Lake Ontario
The same snow is falling
On the deep silent water
The great dark wonder
Into the waves of my heart
Into the waves of my heart

(from Blue Rodeo's "Hasn't Hit Me Yet")

A little note on what you will find in this journal.

I am a sorta-middle-aged medical librarian, and this is my personal journal. By "personal," I mean that I post about things that I personally find interesting. And I post a lot. Fair warning.

At least half of my posting output is about a core set of topics: my pets, my writing aspirations, and local bands.

Pets: I have three cats as of fall 2009: Vladimir seems to have inherited the position of First Cat, although we will never forget a grand old man named Coney. I also have a bossy middle cat named Bojo, and a goofy junior cat named Spike (who is named for a TV character all right, but it's the Spike from Flashpoint, not Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) I also have a nifty little Arab-Appaloosa cross mare named Mitzi. They are endlessly fascinating. Trust me on this.

My novels-in-progress are murder mysteries and my writing posts range from the reasonably sensible (how can I create this tone or that effect?) to the admittedly silly ("This is how my character would react to situation x.") I don't actually think my characters are real people, but it can sometimes be hard to tell by reading my journal.

As for the bands, I like to go out and hear live music as often as possible, and I write about that. In some ways I have a really long attention span, so certain bands turn up regularly. In some cases, weekly. Everyone needs a hobby. I don't know a thing about music but I do like fairly complex rock music with dirty guitar. (Or, you know, the dirty guitar is okay as well. I also like outlaw country, and I recently discovered I might like punk. Who knew?)

In addition to the major topics listed above, I do have a sort of magpie tendency to get violently interested in one thing or another and obsess about it. I've been told it's disconcerting to some when my posts veer wildly from the Grateful Dead to medieval English history, but as I've said before, everyone needs a hobby.

Also, I rant. Actually, I kind of rant a lot.

I go through periods of writing fanfic, so I've set up another journal for that at coneycat_fic. There's some Emergency! and Flashpoint... and a great deal of Thor. So, so much Thor...

Friends Policy: I don't have one. Feel free to add or delete this journal as you wish. I almost never lock posts, and I also almost never post anything really personal here--I have a paper journal in my sock drawer for that.

Comments Policy: I don't have one--anonymous comments are perfectly welcome, although if you make a habit of commenting it's always nice if you identify yourself somehow so I know you're out there. Because of a recent increase in spam comments, I screen ALL NON-FRIEND COMMENTS, but I only delete spam. Human commenters are always welcome, within the bounds of normal courtesy.

I do have a site usage meter to this journal, which does track the location of visitors, but that's more for curiosity than anything.

Userpics note: Just because I have seen discussions of who has taken whose userpic--all of mine were made by me unless otherwise noted. If you want to take one I made, help yourself. But please don't take anything someone else made for me without asking.

Some of my userpics are based on photos that I didn't personally take. If you see me with a userpic based on your photo and you want it taken down, let me know. If I've used your pic and you're willing to let me keep it--thank you!